Replacement Local Development Plan

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The Local Development Plan (LDP) provides the legal framework for the development and use of land within the County Borough (excluding that part covered by the Snowdonia National Park Authority). It also provides the context for determining local planning applications. As the local planning authority, we are responsible for preparing and updating the Local Development Plan.
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Please note: You only need to register / login if you wish to make representations.


You can view the documents on the homepage and click on the document you wish to read.

This website allows you to read and make comments (‘representations’) on documents that the Council has published for public consultation.

You don’t have to be registered to read the documents or read other people’s comments, but you will need to register if you want to make a comment. You will only be able to comment during a consultation period.

To Register:

If you want to register your details, click on the ‘register now’ link at the top of this page and fill in the registration form with your name, e-mail address, and postal address. This is so we can contact you to let you know that your comments have been received. If you forget your login details you can request a new password with the link above.

To make a comment (‘representation’):

  • Once you have registered, to submit your comments you will need to choose the document you are interested in from the list of documents open for public consultation. Then select the chapter, paragraph or policy that you wish to comment on.
  • Click on this icon: Write to view the online response form that will allow you to submit comments.
  • To view comments that have already been made, click on the magnifying glass icon: View If this is greyed out, there are no comments to view. (Note: Comments are processed when the consultation ends and not before. Only comments processed will be available to view.)

Document Key

To search for representations in the documents, first open up the document you are interested in then look for the icons shown below:

Write Click this icon to make a representation (during consultation periods)
View Click this icon to view other people's representations.
View Disabled Indicates that no other representations have been made on this item.
Map Indicates that this policy is represented on the proposals map. To view the proposals map click the globe icon

For documents containing policies and objectives:

Policies are highlighted in blue with a grey border
Objectives are highlighted in green with a grey border

Further Help

If you have any problems you can send us an email via the contact us page.

Having trouble using the system? Visit our help page or contact us directly.

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