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The Local Development Plan (LDP) provides the legal framework for the development and use of land within the County Borough (excluding that part covered by the Snowdonia National Park Authority). It also provides the context for determining local planning applications. As the local planning authority, we are responsible for preparing and updating the Local Development Plan.
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Representations on Paper 1: Priority Issues, Vision and Objectives - 5.4, Question 4: Do you agree with the Objectives?

Representation ID: 27414

YES Bay of Colwyn Town Council (Mrs Tina Earley)



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Representation ID: 27403

YES Cllr Anne McCaffrey



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Representation ID: 27399

YES Awdurdod Parc Cenedlaethol Eryri / Snowdonia National Park Authority (. Tim Polisi a Chynlluniau Strategol Eryri)


Rydym hefyd yn croesawu cynhwysiad y paragraffau canlynol.

'Snowdonia National Park. Designated as a National Park in 1951, Snowdonia National Park is the largest and the first to be designated in Wales. It includes an area of 213,200 hectares. Snowdonia National Park covers parts of Gwynedd and parts of the CBBC area, including shared settlements. The RLDP should provide an appropriate level of protection' - o dan y pennawd 'Environment and Cultural' tud 28.

'Bydd hefyd angen i'r CDLl Newydd ystyried y Gwarchodfeydd Awyr Dywyll ym Mharc Cenedlaethol Eryri' - o dan y pennawd 'Golau' tud 33

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Representation ID: 27396

YES Mineral Products Association ltd (Mr Nick Horsley)


In general, we agree with the objectives as indicated.

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Representation ID: 27386

YES Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (Ms Sally Baxter)


Evidence suggests mixed land use, higher population densities and highly connected street layouts are associated with a greater likelihood of walking, between 25% and 100%.

To achieve the vision, and the intention of the WBFG there is a need to support behaviour change techniques in the population to encourage and support usage of the active travel infrastructure.

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Representation ID: 27382

YES The Theatres Trust (Mr Tom Clarke MRTPI)


We are supportive of the proposed Objectives, in particular SO1, 3, 4 and 12. We would encourage the next stage of the Plan to provide more detailed policies which help deliver, support and protect cultural facilities.

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Representation ID: 27377

YES Natural Resources Wales (Planning Consultations)


We note the objectives relating to our own consultation topics list, and concur with their inclusion in the LDP.

We support the inclusion of Strategic Objective 13 (SO13) Coastal Areas.

We also fully support the additional inclusion of Strategic Objective 15 (SO15)relating to air, soundscape, light and water environment.

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Representation ID: 27356

YES FCC Environmental (UK) Limited (Mr Matthew Hayes) represented by Axis (Mr Martin Pollard)


Yes, in principle, we agree with the proposed objectives as they are aspirational and generally compatible with achieving beneficial sustainability outcomes. On the whole, they appropriately respond to the identified key sustainability issues and planning problems.

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Representation ID: 27330

NO Home Builders Federation Ltd (Mr Mark Harris)


Although we are supportive of Housing being included within Strategic Objective 2 we are particularly concerned about the suggestion that 'There is a need to ensure that the growth level applied in the RLDP takes into account the capacity of the home building industry to deliver'. This suggests that the only reason the previous plan has not delivered at the rate expected is because of developer capacity which is clearly not the case and has not be evidenced in the plans supporting documents.
We consider that Housing is cross-cutting and sits across a number of the other Objectives.

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Representation ID: 27326

NO CEMEX UK Operations Ltd (Mr Shaun Denny)


BP37 needs to go much further than simply avoiding the sterilisation of aggregate resources. It should provide information regards ensuring the sustainable management of minerals resources to meet the Council's growth aspirations. As mentioned in the Consultation Paper the Council is required to ensure an adequate supply of minerals is maintained. This must be done to accord with PPWv10, the RTS and such information as the AM Surveys and the documentation produced by the NWRAWP. There is also an element of confusion arising from the notion that terms such as "aggregate" and "minerals" and also "reserves" and resources are interchangeable.

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Representation ID: 27311

YES Innogy Renewables UK Ltd (Miss Eleri Davies)


Innogy is supportive of Strategic Objective 10 (SO10) Energy and Climate Change which seeks to "Secure an appropriate mix of energy provision, including the promotion of Tidal Lagoon, which maximises benefits to Conwy's economy and communities whilst minimising potential environmental and social impacts".
Innogy also supports the proposed approach to reviewing renewable energy policy(ies) and SPG as set out in Topic Paper 9.
The RLDP should also reflect changes to national policy (particularly PPW and the forthcoming NDF) and changes to the consenting regime at national level, including the introduction of the developments of national significance(DNS) process for projects >10MW.

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