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Mae’r Cynllun Datblygu Lleol yn darparu’r fframwaith cyfreithiol ar gyfer datblygu a defnyddio tir o fewn y Fwrdeistref Sirol (ar wahân i’r tir sy’n rhan o Awdurdod Parc Cenedlaethol Eryri). Mae hefyd yn darparu’r cyd-destun ar gyfer penderfynu ar geisiadau cynllunio lleol. Fel yr awdurdod cynllunio lleol, ni sy’n gyfrifol am baratoi a diweddaru’r Cynllun Datblygu Lleol.
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NODWCH: Dim ond os ydych yn dymuno gwneud sylwadau mae’n rhaid i chi gofrestru/ logio i mewn..

Sylw 27630 ar Cofrestr o Safleoedd Ymgeisiol gan Ms Kathy Cook

Cefnogi / Gwrthwynebu: GWRTHWYNEBU
Dolen Gyswllt i'r Ddogfen: Cofrestr o Safleoedd Ymgeisiol - 5 Tir yn Fferm Pen y Waen, yr Hen Briffordd, Bae Colwyn, LL28 5UY
Sylw: This area off Ffordd Triban, Cherry Tree Lane, Old Highways and Llanwrst Road is already under immense pressure from significant traffic flow along roads that were not designed to take this burden. The proposed area will be even more remote from the limited local bus service and any other service, such as school or medical services, will need to be accessed via personal transport or as a pedestrian along areas with no dedicated footpaths which in turn will increase pressure on narrow roads and runs the risk of increased accidents and potential loss of life.
[Gweld Ymateb y Cyngor]
Newid i'r cynllun: This area should retain it's notation of 'not suitable' and retained as an area of biodiversity for local flora and fauna.

Cyflwyniad Gwreiddiol

The area marked on the plan seems to be 'landlocked' except for access from Ffordd Triban - currently noted as a narrow Cul de Sac by Highways Dept. The to the nature of its narrowness and angular bends already presents access issues to the residents and any larger vehicles, such as delivery vans, waste disposal vehicles and trucks often have difficulties negotiating the road. In winter, it is not uncommon for the road to be iced over and on occasion to be snowed in. The Conwy Development Plan 2007 - 2011, (revised ed 2011) published in August 2012 featured this land at Item 64 (351) ' Land off Ffordd Triban, Upper Colwyn Bay. (extract) "Comments from the Council's Highways service state that Ffordd Triban would not comply with the Authority's highways standards if extended. The site is therefore unsuitable on highways grounds". The accompanying Assessment notation "Not suitable -
not ranked". Nothing has changed along this road to alter that statement.
It is also fair to notice that the land that has been outlined in the accompanying plan is outside the settlement boundary - as noted in the LDP proposal map and in all likelihood there has never been any forward planning for any form of water supply or drainage/sewer capacity for additional building in this area. It is also fair to note that there are limited resources in this area of Upper Colwyn Bay in terms of school, medical services and local facilities - all would have to be accessed either via car or the very limited bus route at the top end of Cherry Tree Lane. The area is already extremely busy with private transport via Cherry Tree Lane either to the Old Highway, Llanwrst Road or through Pen y Bryn Road to King's Road. All of these roads are in a poor condition and in the winter become extremely hazardous. Cars have been known to backslide down Cherry Tree Lane near the Zoo, as well as down the Old Highway to King's Road. At the height of summer, the junction with Cherry Tree Lane, the Old Highway and the entrance to the Zoo becomes gridlocked with visitors vehicles, coaches and service vehicles. Additional residences in the area will significantly increase the through traffic flow along narrow roads that struggle now and may well place lives at risk due to compression of traffic and the lack of appropriate pedestrian footpaths around the area. Additionally, it has been noted that the fields adjacent to the area marked for development are subject to significant flooding as well as the whole area being subject to high and strong winds - all year round! The biodiversity of the area benefits from this additional flooding as it produces a greater water source in the area and this in turn increases the range of flora and fauna across the landscape not only in the fields where this occurs but also in the area marked by the plan for development. The current usage of sheep grazing over the area also benefits from the improved biodiversity which is clearly of benefit to the local agricultural business.

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