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Mae’r Cynllun Datblygu Lleol yn darparu’r fframwaith cyfreithiol ar gyfer datblygu a defnyddio tir o fewn y Fwrdeistref Sirol (ar wahân i’r tir sy’n rhan o Awdurdod Parc Cenedlaethol Eryri). Mae hefyd yn darparu’r cyd-destun ar gyfer penderfynu ar geisiadau cynllunio lleol. Fel yr awdurdod cynllunio lleol, ni sy’n gyfrifol am baratoi a diweddaru’r Cynllun Datblygu Lleol.
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NODWCH: Dim ond os ydych yn dymuno gwneud sylwadau mae’n rhaid i chi gofrestru/ logio i mewn..

Drwy glicio ar rif y sylw i'r chwith o'r rhestr, byddwch yn mynd i dudalen arall gyda manylion union gynnwys y sylw hwnnw.

Sylwadau ar Cofrestr o Safleoedd Ymgeisiol - 66 Fferm Peulwys, Peulwys Lane, Hen Golwyn

ID y Sylw: 27931

GWRTHWYNEBU Ms Natalie James-Rutledge


Developing this land will have a detrimental effect on the infrastructure in place in Old Colwyn. It will put a significant strain on already stretched services and amenities. Schools are already at or near maximum subscription with no funding or space to expand or budget to employ additional teaching staff; the surgery in the area, is already under extreme pressure and any additional health facilities would not meet current demand let alone increased demands from additional households; the current road system will not sustain increased traffic follow. Development here will be harmful to the environment character to the area.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27931

ID y Sylw: 27921

SYLW Mr Neil Mahoney


My objections are based on the following, traffic levels on Llanellian road leading to increased congestion, Insufficient infrastructure to support the additional population (schools, dentist, GP, shops, parking).

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27921

ID y Sylw: 27918

SYLW Cerian Dickman


The infrastructure isn't in place to support extra housing. Roads are congested already, through Old Colwyn & Llysfaen & Llanelian rd. Doctor isn't able to cope with local residents needs now, no dentist locally. Swn y Don "unsatisfactory" at Estyn inspection & other schools under budget pressure & experiencing staffing cuts, not a good educational environment for children. Wildlife habitat will be destroyed, proposed site is in open countryside. Parking is very limited in the Old Colwyn area with no visible way of improving it. This site has already been refused planning permission & the decision upheld previously.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27918

ID y Sylw: 27880

GWRTHWYNEBU Mrs Brenda Johnston


The impact of this proposal on the nature of the village is huge raising serious concerns over the following:
Loss of visual amenity
Loss of privacy
Unacceptable increase in traffic
Noise and disturbance as a result of increased traffic
Concerns over road access, traffic congestion in Old Colwyn village, Llanelian Road, Coed Coch Road
Impacts on schools, Dr Surgery.
Concerns over nature conservation, Siting of services, land drains and sewers
Concerns regarding density, appearance and materials of dwellings.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27880

ID y Sylw: 27877

GWRTHWYNEBU Aberconwy and Clwyd West Labour Party (Mr John Adshead)


The inclusion of this site would have a detrimental impact on the landscape amentites and well being of local residents by vitue of:
* extending development into open countryside
* loss of good quality agricultural land
* visual intrusion due to the prominent and exposed nature of the site
* impact on local infrastructure
* detrimental effect on the local highway network including Llanelian Road and in particular the roundabout junction with Abergele Road
* impact on local schools which are already at or beyond capacity
* impact on other vital local services such as doctor's surgeries

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27877

ID y Sylw: 27862



Gwrthwynebaf adeiladu ar y safle yma oherwydd yr effaith ar ein iaith a'n diwylliant; yr effaith ar ein lonydd; yr effaith ar ein cefn gwlad a'r effaith ar ein hysgolion a'r meddygfa yma.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27862

ID y Sylw: 27848



This will significantly increase the volume of vehicles using Llanelian Road and negatively impact on the already congested Marine roundabout. Other routes, Coed Coch Road, Peulwys Lane, both currently bus routes, are severely congested by parked vehicles. The T junction between Peulwys Lane and Llanelian Road is already hazardous.
Pupils walking to the various schools in the immediate vicinity need to cross these already busy traffic routes and will be exposed to more risk.
The proposal will lead to further degradation of Doctor's services.
The difficulties presented by this site will disproportionately impact on the existing settlement of Old Colwyn.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27848

ID y Sylw: 27843



Area cannot withstand development due to lack of infrastructure and facilities. Safe roads cannot be made, surgery and schools are unable to cope. There will be additional burden on already busy and poor quality roads, in particular Coed Coch Road and the Old Colwyn roundabout. Turning out of Peulwys Lane into Llanelian is already dangerous at times. I am also concerned about drainage issues and effect on wildlife and habitat with loss of green belt.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27843

ID y Sylw: 27842

GWRTHWYNEBU Judith Griffith


Gwrthwynebaf adeiladu ar y safle yma oherwydd yr effaith ar ein iaith a'n diwylliant; yr effaith ar ein lonydd; yr effaith ar ein cefn gwlad a'r effaith ar ein hysgolion a'r meddygfa yma.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27842

ID y Sylw: 27793

GWRTHWYNEBU george ryan


Even with the construction of a new road of two lanes width to support these proposed developments the road still has to intersect an existing main road i.e. Llanelian Road, Coed Coch Road and the main Old Colwyn Road.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27793

ID y Sylw: 27768



The land is outside of the settlement boundary and in open countryside. There will be an adverse effect on wild life and the health and well being of the residents of Old Colwyn, with the destruction of hedgerows, trees and footpaths.
There is already an acute lack of amenity space in Colwyn. The infrastructure is not in place all existing roads unsuitable for any increase in traffic. Old Colwyn is already over developed.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27768

ID y Sylw: 27746



The proposed development would:
1.Increase surrounding road usage, increasing maintenance costs and decreasing road safety for drivers and pedestrians.
2.Create noise and air pollution, and radon exposure, during building and following construction with increased residents/road users.
3.Building would extend into open countryside **planning previously rejected for this reason.**
4.Lead to loss of privacy and light for existing properties.
5.Negatively impact upon existing residents' psychological wellbeing.
6.Reduce employment opportunities by introducing 450 more people/families into village setting.
7.Deeply harm environment character**planning previously rejected for this reason** and negatively impact upon wildlife. Loss of biodiversity.
8.Lead to serious mains sewerage/water supply/drainage issues.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27746

ID y Sylw: 27719



The development would

Increase traffic on Llanelian Rd, Coed Coch Rd and Peulwys Lane - current roads are too narrow and many houses don't have access to off road parking. There is insufficient parking at Colwyn Bay football ground and during home games football supporters park on both sides of the road reducing this to a single line of traffic.

Place a burden on services, schools are facing funding cuts and Betsi Cadwaladr is struggling to recruit GPs to area.

Increase traffic on the marine roundabout

Impact local wildlife - hedge rows and green open spaces.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27719

ID y Sylw: 27715



The proposed development would:
*Increase the risk of radon exposure by excavating the soil to build*
*Impose upon already existing large communities.
*Overstretch GP surgery and schools.
*Create undue stress for medical staff and teachers.
*Create longer waits for appointments/treatment, and reduce quality
education by increasing teacher/student ratio.
*Increase congestion and heavy traffic along already overused surrounding
*Increase safety risk at Llanellian Road/Peulwys Lane T-junction.
*Create increased traffic at Marine roundabout, raising safety concerns
generally, considering the amount of incidents/collisions occurred over
recent years.
*Additionally, school-children cross these roads 5-days a week, often not
paying due care or attention.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27715

ID y Sylw: 27689



I object to this proposal based on the insufficient infrastructure to support it. This development will be to the detriment of Old Colwyn and surrounding areas.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27689

ID y Sylw: 27639



I object because of the impact on wildlife in the area , the loss of open countryside. Also the extra traffic and congestion it will put on Peulwys Lane , Llanelian Road , Coed Coch Road . These roads are already under strain due to housing developments at the top of Llanelian road which also have planning permission for more houses. The strain on local schools on Doctors is also an issue.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27639

ID y Sylw: 27614



I object to this in the strongest terms Peulwys Lane is a very narrow Lane . Traffic will use this to link up with Coed Coch Rd and Llanelian Rd. The road is not suitable for heavy traffic. Linking this development in some way to HighlandsRd is a nonsense as you will cause further congestion on Llysfaen Rd and Abergele Rd as traffic from Bryn Colwyn and Tan Llwyfan jjoin the affray. This will be the ruin of Old Colwyn as a village community. Schools, surgeries cannot cope. Our infrastructure is up to capacity. This madness needs to stop

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27614

ID y Sylw: 27557



No building should be permitted in this area as the few existing roads serving this area are already saturated due to building which has taken place. Doctors surgeries are also oversubscribed.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27557

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