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Mae’r Cynllun Datblygu Lleol yn darparu’r fframwaith cyfreithiol ar gyfer datblygu a defnyddio tir o fewn y Fwrdeistref Sirol (ar wahân i’r tir sy’n rhan o Awdurdod Parc Cenedlaethol Eryri). Mae hefyd yn darparu’r cyd-destun ar gyfer penderfynu ar geisiadau cynllunio lleol. Fel yr awdurdod cynllunio lleol, ni sy’n gyfrifol am baratoi a diweddaru’r Cynllun Datblygu Lleol.
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NODWCH: Dim ond os ydych yn dymuno gwneud sylwadau mae’n rhaid i chi gofrestru/ logio i mewn..

Drwy glicio ar rif y sylw i'r chwith o'r rhestr, byddwch yn mynd i dudalen arall gyda manylion union gynnwys y sylw hwnnw.

Sylwadau ar Cofrestr o Safleoedd Ymgeisiol - 110 I’r Dwyrain o Llanrwst Road, Bae Colwyn

ID y Sylw: 28139

GWRTHWYNEBU Mr Gordon Nugent


Honeysuckle Lane is an adopted bridleway and is totally unsuitable for the weight of traffic it experiences today after multiple infill planning applications have been granted over the years.

It is also heavily used by Welsh Water, who tarmacced the lane in the first place, and whose activity is obviously increasing year on year in my 15 years of observation as a resident.

[Gweld Ymateb y Cyngor]

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 28139

ID y Sylw: 28135



Honeysuckle Lane is a busy adopted bridleway. Any more development would be highly dangerous to horses, children, hikers and dog walkers who use the bridleway regularly. It is far too narrow to accommodate any more traffic upon it.

[Gweld Ymateb y Cyngor]

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 28135

ID y Sylw: 28132



Honeysuckle Lane is a single track lane, bridleway with a blind bend at the start. Additional traffic would be unacceptable/unsafe.

[Gweld Ymateb y Cyngor]

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 28132

ID y Sylw: 28129



Honeysuckle Lane is a very narrow bridle path used extensively by horse riders and walkers, there are no passing places, no pavements and no street lighting.
To develop any site listed would be detrimental to the safety of both residents and pedestrians. Previous applications for development have been refused by the local Council, planning policy Wales 5th edition 2012 and the Welsh Office inspectorate on appeal. The sites lie within a green barrier and special landscape area. No evidence has been submitted to demonstrate an exceptional need to override Development plan and National policy therefore should not be considered.

[Gweld Ymateb y Cyngor]

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 28129

ID y Sylw: 27914

GWRTHWYNEBU mrs clare azurza


~sets a precedent for further development outside of the boundaries causing a long term over expansion of the areas required also in your plan for open spaces
~would not address the councils development plane housing needs for an ageing pop?adapted living as this area is unsuitable due to its lack of decent public transport links, medical amenities that are already at breaking point, loss of amenity and safety for existing community by the fact it would cause greater danger from the generation of more traffic especially to the elderly and those with disability which you are claiming to address

[Gweld Ymateb y Cyngor]

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27914

ID y Sylw: 27839

GWRTHWYNEBU Mr Patrick Hamilton-Hunter


These comments apply equally to Nos 9 and 77. The B5113 (Llanrwst Road) is particularly narrow with several "pinch points" between Nos 196 & 230 and involves 2 blind bends where vehicles regularly have to squeeze past or reverse. I feel that the additional traffic generated by these possible developments would lead to many more such incidents. Additionally, access to Llanrwst Road from any of these sites is far from ideal.

[Gweld Ymateb y Cyngor]

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27839

ID y Sylw: 27837

GWRTHWYNEBU Mrs Julie Davies


Access to this plot is of significant concen. From Llanrwst Road access would be precarious and along a public footpath. From Honeysuckle Lane there would be a significantly detrimental impact. Honeysuckle Lane is a single track unadopted road. There are no pavements only narrow embankments. The lane leads to a bridlepath and nature reserve both of which are popular with families and dog walkers. There is a rich variety of wildlife which is likely to be compromised with overdevelopment.

[Gweld Ymateb y Cyngor]

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27837

ID y Sylw: 27608



This should be considered along with 101 & 65. If either of those would be accepted then this one would also have to be accepted as it is separated from Pathacres only by the narrow bridleway. This area would enable a large housing estate to be developed in a countryside. Vehicular access seems only through gate on bridleway. Lane is eroded with existing use. The narrowness of the lane & its use as a bridleway & walkaway make it unsuitable for extra traffic. If approved undoubtedly land to the south will be proposed for development.

[Gweld Ymateb y Cyngor]

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27608

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