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Mae’r Cynllun Datblygu Lleol yn darparu’r fframwaith cyfreithiol ar gyfer datblygu a defnyddio tir o fewn y Fwrdeistref Sirol (ar wahân i’r tir sy’n rhan o Awdurdod Parc Cenedlaethol Eryri). Mae hefyd yn darparu’r cyd-destun ar gyfer penderfynu ar geisiadau cynllunio lleol. Fel yr awdurdod cynllunio lleol, ni sy’n gyfrifol am baratoi a diweddaru’r Cynllun Datblygu Lleol.
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NODWCH: Dim ond os ydych yn dymuno gwneud sylwadau mae’n rhaid i chi gofrestru/ logio i mewn..

Drwy glicio ar rif y sylw i'r chwith o'r rhestr, byddwch yn mynd i dudalen arall gyda manylion union gynnwys y sylw hwnnw.

Sylwadau ar Cofrestr o Safleoedd Ymgeisiol - 129 Ffarm Pentre Uchaf, Peulwys Lane, Hen Golwyn

ID y Sylw: 27864



Gwrthwynebaf adeiladu ar y safle yma oherwydd yr effaith ar ein iaith a'n diwylliant; yr effaith ar ein lonydd; yr effaith ar ein cefn gwlad a'r effaith ar ein hysgolion a'r meddygfa yma.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27864

ID y Sylw: 27850



This site was the subject of a Town and Country Planning Inquiry in October 1990 at which the decision of Conwy Borough Council to refuse development was upheld. The primary reasons for refusal, namely difficult topography, wildlife including badgers and impact on privacy for the properties overlooked by the site have not changed in the past 29 years, therefore the previous decision should be adhered to.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27850

ID y Sylw: 27849



This area cannot withstand further development due to lack of infrastructure and facilities plus already busy unsafe roads. See comments on Peulwys Farm.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27849

ID y Sylw: 27845

GWRTHWYNEBU Judith Griffith


Gwrthwynebaf adeiladu ar y safle yma oherwydd yr effaith ar ein iaith a'n diwylliant; yr effaith ar ein lonydd; yr effaith ar ein cefn gwlad a'r effaith ar ein hysgolion a'r meddygfa yma.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27845

ID y Sylw: 27841

GWRTHWYNEBU mr eric roberts


Particular to Meadowbank. Refused planning permission in 1990 due to nature conservation ie badger sets and other wildlife. Due to the topography of the land after 14 and 17 Meadowbank. Tree conservation area from 10 Meadowbank upwards. Traffic nuisance and congestion due to unsuitable road access through Meadowbank,Peulwys Lane, Coed Coch Road and Llanelion Road. Inadequacy of parking and turning. Highway safety on Meadowbank and Peulwys lane. The site at Meadowbank was refused planning permission by Conwy Borough Council in 1989 and upheld by the T and C planning appeal enquiry 30/10/1990. All the reasons remain the same!!!!!!

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27841

ID y Sylw: 27831

GWRTHWYNEBU Mrs Brenda Johnston


Summary of objections to housing development at Pentre Uchaf Farm, Peulwys Lane, Old Colwyn as follows:-
Loss of light
Loss of privacy
Loss of visual amenity
Impact on residents parking, turning, loading and offloading
Restricted space for two way traffic
Noise and disturbance generated by extra traffic
Loss of trees
Concerns over layout and density of buildings, design, appearance and materials
Concerns over landscaping such a topographically difficult site
Concerns over secondary road access for vehicles
Previous planning decisions have been against developing this site
Concerns about Nature conservation (flora &fauna)

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27831

ID y Sylw: 27814

GWRTHWYNEBU george ryan


Inadequate infrastructure to support existing community!

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27814

ID y Sylw: 27783



Inadequate and unsafe access to the proposed development due to existing traffic. The proposed development would significantly increase traffic, destroy trees and wildlife, generate additional noise and pollution from the number of vehicles using the development. The layout and density of this along with other proposed developments in the vicinity will create a serious safety risk and local facilities such as the doctors surgery are unable to cope as it is.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27783

ID y Sylw: 27778



The land is outside of the settlement boundary and in open countryside. There will be an adverse effect on wild life and the health and well being of the residents of Old Colwyn, with the destruction of hedgerows, trees and footpaths. There is already an acute lack of amenity space in Colwyn. The infrastructure is not in place all existing roads are unsuitable for any increase in traffic. Old Colwyn is already over developed.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27778

ID y Sylw: 27721



The development would

Increase traffic on Llanelian Rd, Coed Coch Rd and Peulwys Lane - current roads are too narrow and many houses don't have access to off road parking. There is insufficient parking at Colwyn Bay football ground and during home games football supporters park on both sides of the road reducing this to a single line of traffic.

Place a burden on services, schools are facing funding cuts and Betsi Cadwaladr is struggling to recruit GPs to area.

Increase traffic on the marine roundabout

Impact local wildlife - hedge rows and green open spaces.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27721

ID y Sylw: 27621



Close to golf course. Traffic access would be from Peulwys Lane. Far too much development proposed in this area which would be detrimental to our communities.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27621

ID y Sylw: 27552



No building should be permitted in this area as the few existing roads serving this area are already saturated due to building which has taken place. Doctors surgeries are also oversubscribed.

Mwy o fanylion ynglŷn â Sylw ID: 27552

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